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Our Air Filter Range
Natural filtration starts here. We developed the Astino™ Breeding Program to produce the high-quality unique wool fibre which underpins the consistent delivery of superb filtration performance.
Helix™ is the world’s most breathable, natural fibre based filter media. It removes the finest submicron contamination with the lowest airflow resistance.
Alpuro™ is the 100% natural wool fibre filter media scientifically developed to purify air contaminated by high concentrations of airborne grease and odour.

Masks for Covid-19

Our Lanaco mask range is designed for function, compliance and comfort.

+ Helix™ Filter Technology for effective protection
+ High breathability for comfort
+ Conforming build for excellent face fit
+ Made in New Zealand

Lanaco Air Filters Sustainable Natural Wool Filter media


Lanaco is committed through its company mission to make the most sustainable renewable air filter media in the world. Priority is given to the active sourcing and development of natural renewable materials in all of our products.

Lanaco Natural Wool Fibre filter

Filter Applications

Lanaco filters purify the air wherever people breathe. Naturally.

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“Helix Filters capture coarse, hot particles, work well in high moisture environments, and offer the lowest possible resistance to breathing”
"The easiest breathing mask I have ever worn" - Customer, T G, from London UK.
"A filter that walks the talk about where we are taking our products"
We achieve results for our customers by working with scientific research organisations, technology experts, advisors and end-users. We innovate, refine and create the best solution for lowest possible environmental impact.

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