Our Philosophy

In a world awash with synthetic fibres there now is a better choice. Renewable resources and natural fibres form the cornerstone of our business. We consciously work to minimise our impact on the people and the planet we are protecting.
Lanaco high-performance filters with little impact on the environment


Our philosophy begins at the source – natural fibre. We have chosen to develop our own fibre by using future farming principles in animal welfare, and responsible care of the land, water and air.

The farming programme built is around regenerative principles, energy reduction. Our ongoing scientific research program is linked to market needs and continues to ensure that we create a product which leads the world in the performance of renewables.

Our manufacturing produces high-performance filters with little impact on the environment, in production, processing, transportation, and marketing. We plan to produce more, with less.

Our marketing focuses on the needs of our future customers who we work with to develop better products.

Lanaco clean air technology -mountain air


We have a safe and inclusive work environment where our teams can thrive. We are focused on well-being: health & safety, career & personal development, and gender equality.

These elements of our philosophy of business and global community strongly align with the key elements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Work with us to create a cleaner and more sustainable world
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