About Us

We manufacture wool-based filter media in Auckland, New Zealand.
Learn more about our history and our team below.

Our History

The name Lanaco stems from the Latin word for wool, “lana.”

Lanaco was founded in 2011 in Auckland New Zealand by Nick Davenport, under the former name “Texus Fibre”, to create high-performance filter media that harnessed the superb characteristics of natural wool.

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Future Facing

Our Values

Making natural possible in air filtration

Here at Lanaco, we strongly believe in maintaining a cohesive team with strong values.

Nick Davenport (NZCE Mech Eng, Dip BIA, MBA)
Founder and Managing Director
Nick is a materials applications engineer who founded Lanaco following many successful years heading up materials company Nexus Foams Ltd. Nick has 30 years experience in product innovation and entrepreneurialism with fibre and polymer materials for industrial applications.
Dr. Andrew West (BSc Hons PhD DBA)
Chairman of the Board
Dr. West is experienced in commercialising deep science businesses, following an extensive career in executive government and academic roles. He has co-founded, invested in, and governed high technology start-ups and public roles, especially those with a clean, green technology specialisation, such as Lanaco, GNS Science, NZQA, Aquafortus and Synthase Biotech.
Hansol Cha (M Eng Hons)
Business Manager
Hansol has a Chemical Engineering educational background and brings years of technical sales experience into his role, specialising in R&D and deep tech commercialisation in public and private sectors. He leverages his strong networks to achieve top results.
Tony Moffat 
QHSE Manager
Tony has more than 30 years of experience in leadership roles in agri-business with companies of the calibre of Livestock Improvement Corporation, Seales Winslow and Lincoln University. Tony has valuable experience in operations, procurement and logistics.
Valentine Chan (MSc Hons Chemistry)
Scientific & Technical Manager
Valentine uses the chemistry of new materials to develop and improve Lanaco's natural and sustainable filter media materials. He wrote a Master's thesis on wool technology at the MacDiarmid Institute and Victoria University of Wellington, with experience in food, paint and wet wipes industries.
Sonja Doo (BE Hons)
Operations Manager
With her materials engineering based background, Sonja brings together the scientific findings of Lanaco technology to create and enhance products and processes. She manages the highly capable production team and works with R&D to consistently expand our capabilities.
Mark Gilmour (BE Hons)
Production Engineer
Mark has a background in Mechanical Engineering, having worked with aerospace and vehicle systems previously. He has a strong background in SolidWorks, CAD, mechanical product design and product management. Mark also serves in the New Zealand Defence Force.
Andy Ramsden
Head of the Astino® Sheep Company
Andy heads Lanaco’s farm-linked operations, breeding programme, control of breeding objectives, fibre supply chain quality and supplier relations. He brings a lifetime of successful sheep breeding experience to Lanaco, enhancing our team. He also provides a mutually clear pathway of communications between producer, processor, scientist, manufacturer and end-user.