Lanaco vacuum filter

Industry Applications

Lanaco manufactures high-performance air filter media for applications such as residential HVAC, office HVAC, appliances, electronics, heavy machinery, automotive and PPE.

Our products are designed to provide clean, healthy, and comfortable air for various applications, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and healthcare.

Residential HVAC
Heavy Machinery
Artemis rocket

NASA Case Study

NASA's Ultimate Trust

NASA chose EcoStatic® filter media to solve the clogging problem that glass HEPA filters on the Artemis Orion spacecraft contingency breathing apparatus (CBA) were having. The filters were clogging early when challenged by hot toxic particles and water vapour.​

Lanaco EcoStatic® filter media extend the life window for astronauts in the critical life support for humanity’s next voyage to the moon and beyond.

For in-depth information, read our news article.

EcoStatic DVS Filter Bag

DVS® Case Study

EcoStatic® Filter Bags in DVS® Home Ventilation

DVS® Home Ventilation uses EcoStatic® filter media in their filter bags. Particles are captured by the filter media with low air resistance, allowing clean air to flow through more freely – reducing fan load, noise and power. This allows air in homes to be warm, dry and clean at low energy cost.

For in-depth information, see the DVS® website.

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