Our natural wool fibre technology is an ideal substitute for traditional synthetic product, in a wide range of end uses.
lanaco Filters For Personal Protection

Personal Protection

We all need clean air for a healthy life and a healthy future.

Our Helix Filter Media is ideally suited for personal protection. The low breathing resistance and high filter efficiency offers overall great protection and comfort.

Unlike synthetic media it will also reduce harmful VOC’s such as formaldehyde, reduce the impact of bacteria, suppress sparks or flame, and either repel water droplets or absorb vapour – all at the same time.

Urban Masks & Barrier Face Coverings
Medical & COVID-19
Industrial & Special Purpose Masks
Drop-in Filters
Lanaco Air Filters Sustainable Natural Wool Filter media

Living and Working

Helix™ Filter Media excels at capturing dust, particulate matter and harmful sub-micron airborne contaminants when incorporated into well-designed household and commercial appliances.

Our highly versatile media can be tailored and customized to suit your customers’ needs for domestic and commercial applications.

Home ventilation and air conditioning
Range hoods
Air purifiers
Vacuum cleaners
Passive protection
Nasa Fire protection Filter Material

Moving Spaces

Our technology leverages the power of science and natural wool fibre to improve, stabilise and clean the air we breathe, allowing our partners to apply Lanaco materials to their future products for people on the move.

Whether people need to breathe clean safe air in a car or a stroller, or in a cruise ship or a space ship, there is a Lanaco filter alternative which will create better outcomes for the user and the planet.

The selection of Helix for life support fire systems for NASA’s manned lunar space programme after extensive testing is testament to the absolute versatile functionality of the material.

+ Strollers
+ Automobiles
+ Public transport
+ Cruise ships
+ Space ships

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