Lanaco – Wool Based Air Filtration System

Lanaco develops and manufactures high performing, multi-functional filter media for a vast range of air filtration applications using natural wool as the key ingredient. Wool is naturally bacterial growth resistant, fire-resistant, and biodegradable. The technology can be used by healthcare facilities, industrial filtration systems, household appliances, ventilation systems and antipollution masks.

Lanaco has developed Helix Filter, a very breathable, multi-functional air filter designed to capture harmful particulate matter and Alpuro Filter, a filtration system designed to effectively remove grease oil air particles.

Lanaco has developed a premium sheep breed, the Astino, for its high-quality filter products. The wool fibres are of better quality, have higher consistency and this enables the company to have an end-to-end solution from farm-to-market to manage the origin and supply chain of the wool products.

The company’s research and development is focused on the development and commercialisation of a range of the world’s most breathable respiratory filter media, to be used in applications to protect people from the harmful effects of atmospheric air pollution. During the Covid-19 response, Lanaco is looking to expand its market to include protective medical masks