Lanaco shines at FiltXPO 2023 with wool-based filter media

FiltXPO™ 2023, the premier event for the filtration and separation industry, was held at Navy Pier, Chicago, from October 10th to 12th, featuring over 130 exhibitors and 1200 attendees from around the globe. Among the exhibitors, Lanaco stood out with its innovative and eco-friendly filter media made from wool.

Lanaco’s flagship product, EcoStatic® Filter Media, is a unique formulation, with wool at its core, that creates an electrostatic charge to capture particles and microbes. The filter media is natural and renewable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for various applications. Lanaco was also able to tout its recently earned USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for much of its EcoStatic® Filter Media range.

Lanaco also displayed its air filter roll media, sheets and filter element examples, which use EcoStatic® Filter Media to provide high-performance filtration solutions for different industries and environments. Lanaco’s air filter media is designed to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and durability.

Lanaco’s participation at FiltXPO 2023 was a huge success, as it showcased its leadership and innovation in the filtration industry. Lanaco’s wool-based filter media offers a solution that is not only effective and durable, but also eco-friendly and versatile. Lanaco is the future of filtration. We commend our fellow exhibitors and thank all the attendees for creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Make natural possible in air filtration with EcoStatic® Filter Media by Lanaco.

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Lanaco at Filtxpo

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Lanaco at Filtxpo

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