MBA Working professionals from University of Auckland provide Lanaco with Market Entry Recommendations for entry into Korean Market

13 November 2023

As part of their MBA, five working professionals, Philip, Kris, Anu, Tony, and Alok, conducted a South Korean market entry study for Lanaco, a New Zealand company that produces EcoStatic® Filter Media. EcoStatic® is a high-performance wool-based filter media that delivers high efficiency, low air resistance and high dust holding capacity.

South Korea has high levels of air pollution with high demand for effective and reliable air filtration solutions, especially in urban areas, where the air quality and health of the population are severely affected by PM2.5, one of the most harmful air pollutants.

The MBA students went to Korea and conducted a comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the Korean market, to gather valuable data and insights. They consulted with experts and stakeholders, such as industry people, potential customers, and partners. They presented their final report and recommendations to Lanaco and the University of Auckland in September 2023. Their findings will help Lanaco to make an informed and strategic decision on the South Korean market, and to achieve their vision of making natural possible in air filtration.

UoA MBA Korea Lanaco NZ

From left to right: Hansol (Lanaco), Philip, Kris, Anu, Nick (Lanaco), Tony, Valentine (Lanaco), Mark (Lanaco), Alok